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So you’re looking to explore our beautiful island but perhaps in need of a little professional guidance?  No worries, that’s precisely our specialty! Simply select your adventure from our featured destinations below and let us take you there. We’ve spent years navigating and planning the most scenic, less traveled routes all over Bali’s tropical labyrinth and are proud to share them with you! We offer single or multi-day trips so if you’re having trouble choosing just one, feel free to mix and match when filling in our request form. 

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Bali Central – Jatiluwih

Welcome to Bali’s agricultural epicenter. Here we can explore the islands lush green landscapes while taking a stroll through its fresh atmosphere of rolling hills and valleys which have mostly been cultivated into beautiful terraced farmlands. Northern Tabanan is also home to the breathtaking panoramic views of Jatiluwih world heritage site which is renowned for its natural beauty. Here we have the opportunity to visit small villages and learn about local farming and agriculture techniques and also take part in a few customary traditions. Alternatively we can also explore the dense rainforests of Bali and enjoy traditional bamboo jungle cooking while learning some interesting and essential survival skills.

Kintamani – Black Lava

Bali’s North-East is brimming with spectacular volcanic landscapes and in the Kintamani region we find it’s unmistakable centerpiece. With it’s peak towering up at an elevation of over 1700m, our active stratovolcano Gunung Batur keeps it’s watchful eye over the Island of the Gods amongst the wispy clouds. The impressive caldera itself is home to 15 villages and a large scenic lake which provides a plentiful resource for farming. Since it’s historic eruption in 1804 and subsequent spews over the last two centuries the volcano basin has become a wonderous geological playground and officially named as part of the Global Geoparks Network. Throughout the area one can relax and steep in one of a handful of natural hot springs or make the climb up to the summit to enjoy a breathtaking sunrise view!

Munduk Highlands

Feel the cool breeze as we ascend from the coastal plains up to the highlands and along the winding country roads of the Munduk Regency. Be sure to pack your jumper as this area which boasts a more temperate year round climate and significant rainfall offering a welcome relief from the hot and humid temperatures of the South. Often overlooked by your average postcard seeking tourist one can explore the many nature trails here freely and often without another soul in sight. Secret waterfalls can be found in abundance scattered across the many forested valleys here and the conditions are just perfect for growing vanilla and cloves as well as coffee and cacao plantations such as those around the mountain villages of Kayuputih and Banyuatis.

Twin Lakes

From the central crest of Bali’s highland ridge line, just North of Bedugul lies a truly jaw dropping sight non-other than the Twin Lakes of Danau Buyan and Tamblingan. Formed inside an ancient volcanic caldera and surrounded by dense rainforest, these sister lakes in fact were at one point joined until a major landslide divided them in the 1800’s. Many ancient temples are dotted around the shorelines and indicate that early settlements here were once regarded with extreme spiritual importance and are to this day protected by the Balinese government against modern development. However, in recent years the shorelines have welcomed nature lovers and campers from far and wide to enjoy the peace and serenity of this natural environment. There’s certainly nothing like waking up to misty morning views as the steam sits and stirs over the lake surface while sipping on a fine cup of Bali coffee.

North Coast

On the Northern shores of Bali nearly 40km East of Singaraja, where the steep volcanic mountainsides plummet down and where palm groves meet exotic black sand beaches, one will find a world seemingly far removed from the rest of the island. A truly authentic cultural aroma mixed with the salty sea air along the coastline is what gives the Villages of Tejekula and Bondalem their unforgettable charm. Jump aboard a local pontoon fishing boat for a chance to catch a glimpse of Bali’s very own acrobatic Spinner Dolphins or simply enjoy a traditional Balinese massage while becoming entranced by the gentle lapping sound of ocean waves. This region is definitely one of our favorite escapes from every day life and undoubtedly a step above your standard getaway retreat.

East Bali

If one wanted to embark on a journey into the deep blue depths in search of rainbow coral gardens, schools of shimmering fishes and long lost sunken treasures then look no further than Bali’s most eastern point and it’s laid-back dive towns of Amed and Tulamben. Although it’s not only underwater adventures that make East Bali so special, the mighty Mount Agung, Bali’s highest volcano, looms like a giant over the whole of East Bali and hosts some of it’s holiest of temples, such as Pura Lempuyang and Pura Besakih. Sea salt production is also major export of the area so be sure to pick some up before continuing your journey.

Sideman – Karangasem

Nestled peacefully in the rural heart of the Karangasem region, this mid-eastern island oasis is often overlooked, but we like to think of the Sideman valley as one of Bali’s true hidden gems and most well preserved secrets. Here, fresh rivers flow through a sea of vibrant green rice paddies which are tightly patched together by a complex network of aqueducts and hiking trails. You definitely won’t find any trendy coffee shops or boutiques here. Instead perhaps try a fresh glass of local Tuak (fermented palm wine) to quench your thirst from the mid day sun or learn the culinary art of traditional Balinese cooking. The scenery of the Sideman Valley is surely unmatched and you will certainly not find a closer vantage point to the mighty Mt. Agung than this!

West Bali

Few tourists dare to make it out this far which is what makes West Bali a true haven for only the most wholehearted adventurers. Wildlife, and especially bird lovers, will also find this area of particular interest as it is home to over 160 species of the islands feathered fliers as well as common sightings of deer, wild cattle and boar. Deserted white sand beaches line the coast and are often broken up by dense mangrove forests. You will be hard pressed to find a more turquoise blue water anywhere else in Bali with Menjangan Island also being a protected marine reserve. Some ultra swanky luxury spa resorts such as Plataran and Menjangan Dynasty have also received high international acclaim and have given the area a somewhat glamorous reputation. Beach glamping with a view of Kawah Ijen from your private infinity pool, say no more.

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