James Bruce is a Canadian-born photographer, world traveler, and a devoted motorcycle enthusiast who, since the teenage purchase of his very first bike (a Suzuki GS500), knew he was destined to live his life on two wheels.

Back in 2012, after living the typical nine-to-five office grind and bartending part-time, he left his home in Toronto, Ontario with a voracious appetite for adventure and no destination. What was meant to be a four-month sabbatical turned into an eight-year journey around the globe, and after countless love affairs with nearly fifty countries, he now happily hangs his helmet in Bali, Indonesia.

On an unexpected self-led tour through the Himalayas of North India in 2016, James was blown away by the rugged beauty of his surroundings, unspoiled nature and rich local culture, not to mention the sheer adventure of cruising along nearly inaccessible mountain roads in the open air by motorcycle. It was there and then that he decided to begin planning outbound excursions in some of his favorite off-the-beaten-track destinations, with Indonesia at the top of his list.

Now James enjoys sharing his travel experiences, either through photographs or by having friends accompany him on motorcycle trips. This desire to share his own intrepid travel adventures has naturally led him to combine his love for motorized two-wheel transport with his passion for discovering unique locations by offering an inspiring range of guided motorcycle tours ideal for adventure travel seekers from all around the globe.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”