Currently we offer standard half-day, full-day and overnight tours which take us to some of the most breathtaking and unique regions of Bali. Our focus is to ride and explore the island’s natural beauty off-the-beaten-tracks, such as the sprawling subak farmlands of Tabanan and hidden jungle waterfalls, to the volcanic landscapes of Kintamani and tranquil northern shores of Tejakula. We also offer grand tour experiences such as a 4-5 day complete Bali round trip moto holiday and even a full weeks outbound adventure across Lombok and Sumbawa. Please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about these grand itineraries.

Currently we do not offer standard daily rentals as our fleet is limited and reserved solely for our guided tours. However, we are well connected to many official motorcycle rental agencies in the area and would be happy to recommend one for you.

If you intend to join our tours as a pilot rider, a valid government issued drivers license is required with the minimum allowance to operate a motorcycle having an engine size no less than 250cc’s. Pillion passengers are not required to possess a license to join our tours.

In order to comply with Indonesian law, all foreign visitors must posses an International Driving Permit when operating a motor vehicle at all times and must be carried together with your valid driving license. This document is typically issued by your country’s local licensing authority or automotive association and is fairly straightforward and inexpensive to obtain.

Although we strongly recommend obtaining your hard copy IDP before arriving in Indonesia we certainly understand that it’s not on everyones mind in the chaos of preparing for your travels. In the case that you have not secured it prior to arrival we suggest using an official online service such as International Drivers Association and request a digital copy. However in this case only an electronic IDP will be issued (unless a physical copy is requested by mail) and we advise this method be considered only as a last resort as some local authorities will not accept this digital version.

We include TLO (Total Loss Only) motorcycle insurance for your tour so you will not be asked to cover the cost of the bike in the unlikely event of irreparable damage or replacement. The deductible for incidentals such as a broken lever, cracked fairing or any other essential part that may need to be replaced as a result of a crash will not exceed 500,000 IDR ($35 USD). However, we DO NOT provide travellers health insurance and highly recommend that all our riders have their own comprehensive policy which includes adequate coverage for motorcycle riding activities.

Bali has a tropical climate with its wettest months from November to March. However, the weather can often change quickly and without warning year round so although we try our very best to ensure our riders have a pleasant, dry experience, your tour should be expected to run rain-or-shine. We also provide full head to toe rain gear for all our riders in the event of less than ideal conditions. In cases of extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain and strong winds we will always offer an alternative “back-up” date and therefore we strongly advise against booking your tour date on the last day of your trip in the unlikely event we need to postpone.

We understand that sometimes plans can change so typically this depends on the amount of notice given and reimbursement can vary from case to case. However, if we are forced to cancel your tour due to unforseen circumstances then a full refund will be issued minus any expenses incurred by us or already paid directly to or partner vendors and suppliers. Please refer to our Bookings & Cancelations section for more information.

Absolutely, we’re more than happy to accommodate pillion riders. Typically we recommend that you double up with our crew to ensure our pilots have full freedom of movement and control of their own bike.

The pricing of our tour programs is calculated by total participants and not by the number of bikes used. We consider this an all-inclusive adventure experience for all riders, not just for the ones piloting their own motorcycle. Meals, safety equipment, experienced guides and activities are also provided in our packages. However, regarding the pillion price we are happy offer a discounted rate minus bike and petrol costs.

Still have questions or wish to make a general inquiry? Just reach out using the form below and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.