Tour Overview

Calling all landscape lovers! There’s a reason they call this region the “Ring of Fire” and it has nothing to do with Indonesia’s spicy food. On this full day tour we’ll ride up to the higher elevations of Kintamani along scenic mountain roads and through the martian-like terrain formed by ancient lava flows. The impressive caldera itself is home to 15 villages and a large scenic lake which provides a plentiful resource for farming. The area is also boasts ideal conditions for coffee plantations and along the way we’ll learn a thing or two about the regions unique roasting techniques.

Min. 2 Pilot


10-12 Hours

Part Offroad


Basic Fitness

Mount Up & Rideout

We begin our day by warming our engines and setting out from our home base in Canggu, weaving through both narrow village backstreets and rural rice field tracks, observing traditional morning routines of the local people along the way. The only toll here is a wave and a smile.

A Sweet Escape

Around mid-morning we’ll stop to stretch our legs and enjoy a coffee or a cool infused refreshment at one of our favorite off-the-path garden cafe’s. Here we will enjoy a special sweet local snack of pisang rai (steamed banana with shaved coconut and palm sugar) while we take in a little of Bali’s warm spiritual energy.

Over the Hills We Go

After topping up our energy levels we will continue upwards along the gentle winding roads and forested ridgelines towards the Plaga region, popularly known for it’s wine production. This part of our route gives us a similar feeling to riding through Bali’s version of the Tuscan hills of Italy.

Kintamani Kopi Culture

As we begin our approach to Kintamani we will once again hop off our moto’s to take the opportunity to appreciate some truly artisan coffee bean roasting and have a smell and a taste of a few of the the local variety’s. Before we carry on be sure to pick up a few grounds of your favorite flavor.

Volcanic Views

As we drop down into the caldera we will be rewarded with awe inspiring views of Gunung Batur and we surely wouldn’t dream of missing a photo opportunity with her as our backdrop.

Navagating the Lava Fields

Our greatest challenge awaits us as we reach the black lava, but make no mistake, this off road section is no match for our prized ponies! We will surely and steadily navigate the twisted track of boulders and volcanic aggregate while we soak in the other worldly atmosphere. Finally we will reach our target where we will enjoy a freshly prepared lunch under the mighty Mt. Batur

On the Road Again

Around mid afternoon, after enjoying our black lava lunch we’ll once again ready ourselves to continue on to the final stretch of our journey. From here we will emerge from the caldera and ride gradually back down the southern slope of Kintamani, enjoying the gentle roller coaster of twists and turns and scenic farmland views along the way.

Finish Line – Canggu

Back to our home base in Canggu just in time to enjoy sunset at the beach accompanied by a refreshing young coconut or an ice cold beer

Pilot Requirements

In order to comply with local regulations and meet our activity’s safety standards, all of our pilots must meet our minimum on-road requirements and carry valid documentation at all times. Please see below for a list of what you’ll need and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions before booking your tour.

Minimum Pilot Age 21+

Motorcycle License

International Driving Permit

Competent Fitness Level

Valid Health Insurance

Credit Card Deposit