Tour Overview

Welcome to Bali’s agricultural epicenter. Here we can explore the islands lush green landscapes while taking a stroll through it’s fresh atmosphere of rolling hills and valleys which have mostly been cultivated into beautiful terraced farmlands. Northern Tabanan is also home to the breathtaking panoramic views of Jatiluwih world heritage site which is renowned for its natural beauty. Here we have the unique opportunity to explore the dense rainforests of Bali and enjoy traditional bamboo steam cooking while learning some interesting and essential survival skills.

Min. 2 Pilot


8-10 Hours

Rural Tracks


Physically Fit

Mount Up & Rideout

We begin our day by warming our engines and setting out from our home base in Canggu, weaving through bustling villages and observing traditional morning routines and the exciting frenzy of local markets. Here we’ll make a quick stop to gather a few supplies and take in the vibrant atmosphere.

Through the Fields

There is certainly no shortage of scenic landscape views along our route and we will keep a slow and steady pace as we explore the intricate network of Southern Tabanan’s narrow farm tracks. Here we’ll take a moment to stretch our legs and soak up the spectacular views of terraced paddy fields for as far as the eye can see.

Welcome to the Jungle

After parking our rides around mid day we will boot up for our descent into the rainforest. The shade provided by the old growth canopy will be the perfect relief from the mid day sun and if that’s not enough perhaps a brisk dip into a natural jungle plunge pool will do the trick. Along the way we will discover the regions natural resources and learn about the many practical uses of the local flora.

Survival Camp & Lunch

As we trek further down the forest path the smell of the camp fire should let us know that we’re close to our destination and when we arrive lunch preperations will be well underway. Here we can learn about the traditional cooking techniques using bamboo and steam. But before we finally sit down to eat we’ll first try to refine our supreme widdling skills as we carve our own cutlery and cups.

On the Road Again

Around mid afternoon we’ll emerge from the rainforest and ready ourselves to once again mount up on our trusty steeds. From here we will ride back down through the foothills of Batu Karu enjoying the gentle roller coaster of twists and turns and scenic farmland views.

Finish Line – Canggu

We’ll be back at our home base in Canggu just in time to enjoy sunset at the beach, sipping a fresh young coconut or some ice cold beers.

Pilot Requirements

In order to comply with local regulations and meet our activity’s safety standards, all of our pilots must meet our minimum on-road requirements and carry valid documentation at all times. Please see below for a list of what you’ll need and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions before booking your tour.

Minimum Pilot Age 21+

Motorcycle License

International Driving Permit

Competent Fitness Level

Valid Health Insurance

Credit Card Deposit