Tour Overview

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between traditional culture, grand adventure and a relaxing getaway then look no further! On this overnight tour we’ll ride up along scenic mountain roads, discovering Bali’s coffee plantations then onwards to the serine northern shores of Tejakula . Then on day two we will spend sunrise with the fisherman, ride through Savanna-esque landscapes, explore a sunken shipwreck then decend into a jungle canyon waterfall.

Min. 3 Riders


2 Day / 1 Night

On Road


Avg Fitness

Mount Up & Rideout

We begin our day by warming our engines and setting out from our home base in Canggu, weaving through both narrow village backstreets and rural roads with beautiful rice rice field views, observing the traditional morning routines of the local villagers along the way. The only passing toll here is a wave and a smile.

A Sweet Escape

Now feeling warmed up and well adjusted to our machines we’ll make our first stop to stretch our legs at our favorite off-the-path garden resto. Here we’ll have some time to enjoy our breakfast while we take in a little of Bali’s warming spiritual energy. We highly recommend the pisang rai, a special sweet local favourite.

Over The Hills We Go

After topping up our energy levels we will continue upwards along the gentle winding roads and forested ridgelines towards the Plaga region, popularly known for it’s wine production. This part of our route gives us a similar feeling to riding through Bali’s version of the Tuscan hills of Italy.

Kintamani Kopi Culture

As we begin our approach to Kintamani we will once again hop off our moto’s to take the opportunity to appreciate some truly artisan coffee bean roasting and have a smell and a taste of a few of the the local variety’s. Here we will enjoy a freshly prepared lunch and before we carry on be sure to pick up a few grounds of your favorite flavor.

Welcome to Tejakula

After our dust up through the black lava playground we’ll once again ready ourselves to continue on our journey. From here we’ll emerge from the caldera and make the steep descent from sky to sea towards our evening’s accommodation which is situated right on the black sand beaches of Bali’s north coast. After arriving at our final destination we will have some free time to kick off our boots, lean back and just enjoy the oceans melody.

Barbecue & Bonefire

As the sun starts to set behind Bali’s northern crest we will make our way to the beach to catch the last rays of sunshine. By now dinner preperation will be well underway and on the menu will be fresh local fish grilled over hot coals right on the black sand beach. Following dinner we will sit and warm our toes in front of the campfire, roasting marshmallows and sharing our own adventure stories.

Fisherman’s Sunrise

As the sun begins to rise so will we and we wouldn’t dream of missing the show. Our local fisherman will be waiting to take us out on the water for front row seats and with a little luck try to spot some of Bali’s famous spinner dolphins. These playful marine creatures are well known for their high-flying acrobatic displays and close, yet friendly encounters.

Out of Africa

After breakfast we will bid a fond farewell to our gracious hosts as we once again mount up and continue our journey. We will first enjoy a gentle morning cruise along the beatiful coastal highway, however before long our views will change as we enter into a Savanna-esque landscape similar to a scene straight out of Africa. Here we’ll stop and take some time to enjoy the open atmosphere.

Sunken Treasures

At around our half-way mark we will stop to enjoy our lunch by the seaside and explore one of Bali’s most fascinating treasures, an old Japanese patrol ship that sank here during WW2. The wreck is easily accessed from the beach and only ten meters from the shoreline so slap on your fins and snorkle and dive right in!

Hidden Canyon Waterfall

After our refreshing dip beneath the turquoise blue waters of the East coast we will continue on our way and at around the half way mark where we will make our final stop. Here we’ll explore one of our favorite scenic spots, a rainforest canyon leading us to a beautiful (and well concealed) waterfall. Afterwards we will mount up for the final stretch of our journey.

Finish Line – Canggu

Our tour will come to a close back at our home base in Canggu just in time to enjoy sunset at the beach accompanied by a refreshing young coconut or an ice cold beer.

Pilot Requirements

In order to comply with local regulations and meet our activity’s safety standards, all of our pilots must meet our minimum on-road requirements and carry valid documentation at all times. Please see below for a list of what you’ll need and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions before booking your tour.

Minimum Pilot Age 21+

Motorcycle License

International Driving Permit

Competent Fitness Level

Valid Health Insurance

Credit Card Deposit