3.0 Quick Charging

Never have to face the dreadful threat of a low battery warning when riding Intrepid’s fleet with integrated in-dash 3.0 USB charging ports. This way your devices will be topped up at all times on your island adventures.

ABS Braking System

Expect the unexpected and always be prepared for what lies around each and every corner. We all know how important it is to be able to stop safely when sudden circumstances force us to. That’s why all of our tour bikes come equipped with ABS braking systems to keep all our riders safe and ready to stop for sudden emergencies.

Ultra-bright Fog Lamps

Increased visibility is a must for any motorcycle, not only for the rider but also for our oncoming four wheeled friends to be able to spot us. Our ultra bright fog lamps run day and night to keep us at the peak of the visual spectrum and to ensure we’re clear sighted even in the haziest weather conditions.

Integrated Gel/Latex Foam Padding

Those long country rides can really do a number on our poor peaches but not to worry, we’ve committed ourselves to help prevent fatigue often caused by hard padded saddles. Our unique seat design has been tried and tested with multi layer gel and latex components to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride from start to finish.

Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

We all take the occasional wrong turn or two and even with modern day navigation it’s still never guaranteed that our digital maps will understand our routes as well as they should. With our real time tracking you’ll never have to worry about getting off track and in the unlikely case of a break down we’ll have help sent to you even in the most remote rice field.

Corsa S Cross Dual Sport Tires

There are many duel purpose treads out there on the market and we’ve tried our fair share. The clear choice for our fleet is the Corsa Cross S tire with the ability handle a wide range of road surface conditions impressively, both paved and off road.

Dual Adventure Rack Storage System

Leave your backpack at home and give those shoulder muscles a well deserved rest. Our entire fleet is fitted with hard waterproof luggage systems to keep your important  personal belongings safe and dry while you ride. No need to skimp out on bringing a few extra bits and pieces, just leave the kitchen sink at home.

Anti Theft Mobile NAV Mount

Whether or not we choose to accept it, our digital devices have become an integrated part of our lives and having them at the ready is simply standard protocol. Our anti theft mounts provide the convenience of having your mobile device right at your fingertips to keep an eye on your route map or simply skip to the next song on your adventure playlist.